Columbus State Community College (CSCC) has established articulation agreements with a number of institutions to ensure smooth transfer of students from its associate degree programs to bachelor’s degree programs. An articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two or more educational institutions that ensures transferability of credits between the institutions.

CSCC’s articulation agreements are valuable for its students because they provide a pathway for students to continue their education at four-year institutions. These agreements help students save time, money, and energy that would be otherwise spent on repeating courses at their next institution.

CSCC has articulation agreements with numerous institutions including Ohio State University, Franklin University, and Ohio Dominican University. These agreements cover a range of programs and majors, including nursing, business, education, engineering, and more.

One example of a successful articulation agreement is the one between CSCC and Franklin University. The two institutions have worked together to create a seamless transfer process for CSCC students looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. CSCC students who have completed their associate degree in business administration can transfer to Franklin University with ease. The credits earned at CSCC transfer to Franklin University, allowing students to graduate faster and with less debt.

Another noteworthy articulation agreement is between CSCC and Ohio State University. The agreement allows CSCC students to complete their associate degree in nursing and transfer to Ohio State University’s College of Nursing to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The students are able to transfer most of their credits, which means they can complete their bachelor’s degree in just two years.

CSCC’s articulation agreements demonstrate the college’s commitment to providing its students with the best opportunities for success. By partnering with other institutions, CSCC is able to offer its students a variety of pathways to achieve their educational goals. Students who take advantage of these agreements can save time, save money, and have a clear path to achieving their academic and career aspirations.